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aerial photography in weddings giyani

Professional Wedding Earial Videography and Photography

Our professional wedding aerial photography include: Aerial photos of the church and venue Aerial photos of the guests, immediate family, bride and groom Fly overs and reveal shots of arrival and departures Fly over video shots of the church and venue Our specialty video “corkscrew descend” down to the bride and groom. The following short clips displays some of our equipment in use.

Convert video tapes to DVD

Convert Video Cassette (VHS) into DVD or Digital

We use only state of the art hardware and advanced software to ensure High Quality conversion of your most valued recordings from VHS known as Video Cassette/tapes into Digital format. We use PCI based Video Capture Devices (as opposed to the cheap, low quality USB type devices). This ensure high speed, lossless capture of your footage. If you choose us for your Video solution, we can output your recordings to DVD, MPEG,…

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