Laptop Screen Repair In Giyani

Hey! is your laptop screen broken? We can help

Bring your laptop to us ,you can call us to confirm the address and the time you can bring it because sometimes we maybe out to service your next door.

Bring your computer in for us to check the screen damage, RAM upgrade needed and all other hardware and software related problems. Our computer repairs staff will assist and asses the pc repair needed based on a free evaluation.

Have you accidentally broken your laptop screen? Don’t fret, because we have a huge assortment of high-quality laptop screens that we source from the best suppliers around the world. We have been in the laptop screen replacement business for almost a decade now and have developed an impressive network of suppliers that guarantees high quality laptop screen for our clients at best possible market prices. Before you order, just give us a call or email us your laptop model number & part number, and we will make sure that you receive the right laptop screen.

Unlike many other companies, we don’t charge anything for fitting the new laptop replacement screen; just send us your laptop and we’ll fix the new one for free. You are welcome to visit our office in Giyani for laptop screen repair or courier it to us.

At TSHOVELO, we prioritize customer satisfaction with transparent pricing, reliable warranties, and personalized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Trust TSHOVELO to restore and enhance your laptop’s functionality, making it as good as new.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Screen Replacement

    Why do you request 50% deposit of the service quotation upfront to fix my laptop screen?


    We use that cash to source your laptop screen then you will pay us the balance after finishing everything. We were not requesting this 50% deposit at first but we came across with problems some customers not picking our calls, not responding to e-mails when we want to come to fit the screen. So if something like that happens and you tell us that your friend got a screen somewhere so you don’t need this screen we have bought for you, we are not responsible for the 50% paid deposit, and on this case it is not refundable. Please take note that we are able to refund you ONLY when the screen has not yet been sourced from suppliers. Once sourced, the only return can be when the screen does not work or it falls under our service warranty.

    What will happen to that 50% paid deposit, if you replace my laptop screen and the screen doesn’t work?


    We do have everything to test the laptop to make sure is the screen problem not something else, so we don’t buy the screen if we are not sure what’s the problem. If it was a broken screen after we replaced the screen still not working, we will take back the screen to the dealer at our own cost.

    Why do you need the laptop screen part number?


    For some laptops with the laptop model number we can get the right screen but, if the model number is showing us more than one screen from the system. It’s where we need the screen part number or screen model number to check the right screen for your laptop. We need the part number to check the screen availability in the laptop parts dealers, we confirm first from these shops that they have that type of screen in stock, so that when we drive out we know where to go and get the screen.

    Do you have a guarantee to the replaced Laptop screens before they can give me any other problems?


    Yes one year warranty and 6 months guarantee, remember a products warranty does not cover you if you break or damage your laptop screen, same applies to the guarantee. For all your laptop screen replacement we give you a guarantee of 6 months and a 1 year warranty.

    What type of payment do you accept?


    Cash Payment, Bank Deposits, ATM Deposits , Credit card, Instand EFT and normal EFT – Proof of payment may be required. For normal EFT payment you must keep in mind that the funds to reflect to our account it can take up to 24 hour to 48 hours or more.

    Is it possible to buy a laptop screen for me and I will replace it my self?


    No we don’t do that, as we are repairing laptops not selling laptop spares. You must buy the screen and replace it yourself, If we can buy the screen for you and something goes wrong by the time you fit back your screen, you will shift the blame to us. If you want to replace your laptop screen in Giyani and around its better to leave it for the Professionals, we are here to assist you.

    If I can call you when I have purchased the laptop screen , can you assist me over the phone on how to replace the screen?


    No, no Telephonic support to that, you can make a mistake and buy the wrong screen or lets assume you bought the right screen but if any thing goes wrong by the the time you try to replace it, you will shift the blame to us.

    My laptop is running but nothing comes out to the screen -no image, but I think its a small problem can I call you to help me over the phone to try to fix it?


    Yes and no. We only offer email and telephone support to clients who have a binding contract with us. We don’t offer telephonic support to everyone. And don’t say you think its a small problem, you have to test it and be sure of what you are talking about, that is why laptop repairs must be done by IT Professional or someone with quality computer repair skills. You may be surprised that by trying to repair your laptop – you caused a big problem that is beyond repair(write-off)

    If I can get a good working second hand screen from somewhere can you assist me with fitting it?


    Yes we can, but be advised that there is no warranty or guarantee and that we will charge you the labor and callout fee if its onsite. If the screen dies in a short time we are not responsible.

    Signs to notice that you need a laptop screen replacement


    • Laptop running a blank screen ,but some time can be a different hardware problem
    • Laptop that is running but the image is dull and it keeps on going off
    • A horizontal or Vertical line in the screen that make it difficult to work on the screen , sometimes the line appear to be moving slowly.This is a sign of a dead laptop screen .
    • The half of the laptop screen turned white or any other colour
    • Broken laptop Screen
    • Laptop screen flicks and goes off ,sometimes show small lines moving on the side
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