Electronic Data Link to the Examination System

Computerised administration system at the college/school/university.

School Management System is a powerful, user-friendly platform that automates and facilitates the management of day-to-day school activities. It is aimed to bring about effective standardization and efficiency in school operations, benefiting the school management, teachers, learners and parents.

School Management System

To ensure smooth and modern school administration, we have developed a cutting edge school system to help with school managements from student attendance to schools fees tracking. Among other technologies, our integrated system includes the ability to:

Link with the Department of Education for data submission of Entries and Marks. SMS and E-mail notifications to parents relaying various information. Keep record of the background of the student. Student entries to the DHET Examinations (Report 191 Trimester, Report 191 Semester and NCV Year Courses)

  • Submission of Term Marks (ICASS and ISAT)
  • Manage Teacher, students, class, marks etc
  • Take attendance of class
  • Submission of Examination Marks
  • Receipt of Results from the DHET
  • Keep track of Student class attendance.
  • Keep track of Student behavior and discipline.
  • Student attendance report
  • Send timed Email and SMS notifications on fees statements balances and invoices.
  • Provide parents with secure access to their children school data.

This software’s scientifically designed and customization modules render it suitable for automation of all school activities, ranging from new admissions to other critical functions such as hostel management, staff management, payroll and accounts, transport management, parent communications, time table generation and lesson planning.

Designed to provide access to both the learners and parents in order to increase learner performances while allowing parents to check learns activity at a click of a button. This system also feature both Email and SMS notification to the parents when their child is absent from the classroom during learning hours.