Over the past years Tshovelo has been involved in developing custom softwares for windows programs using vb.net, C# and MS MDb but due to high demand of online access and changes in computer operating systems we have now concentrated more in php software applications. Our web based application can help you to manage your stock, Update stock, purchase and sales from anywhere, Office, Home, Warehouse or on the go. You only need internet connection for it.

Products highlight:

  1. POS (Point Of Sale Systems)
  2. Invoice Systems
  3. Stock Management Systems
  4. Custom built softwares

You can choose to purchase our already built softwares or quote for custom software made exclusively for you.

For more information on particular expertise within Our softwares or any other questions please contact us or request for a free quote.

Live Demo Details: On client request we can prepare a fully working demo for practice and test drive of the software systems. We always make sure that anyone with the ability to use basic computer functions can understand our systems without even being trained.

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